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 Nonprofit leader announces council run -- Alexandria Times

Alexandria Times: Nonprofit leader announces council run

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, co-director for nonprofit Together We Bake, announced Tuesday that she would run for council. Bennett-Parker, who is from Alexandria and resides in the Taylor Run neighborhood, will run for council as a Democrat.

She has served on the city’s Community Criminal Justice Board and was recognized by the Alexandria Chamber as a “40 Under 40” in 2017.

Bennett-Parker is the founder of Fruitcycle, an organization that seeks to diminish food waste, and now leads Together We Bake, a nonprofit that works with underprivileged women. She said she intends to bring the perspective of a small business owner and focus on issues like affordable housing for low-income residents, including young families and seniors.

“I’m running for city council to elevate the work I do every day to the highest levels of Alexandria. I want to give businesses a chance to succeed. Yet, we must also ensure we are doing enough to give families from all walks of life a chance to succeed, as well,” Bennett-Parker said in a provided statement. “… While this is not a state or national race, the things happening at the national level require dedicated citizens to step up and help our fellow Alexandrians, and continue the movement that began last year to bring new, diverse voices into elected office.”

She joins fellow first-time council candidates Dak Hardwick, Amy Jackson, Mo Seifeldein, Robert Ray, Canek Aguirre and Matt Feely. Incumbents Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg, John Chapman and Willie Bailey are seeking reelection. The Democratic primary takes place June 12.