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Video: Alexandria City Council Candidates Forum -- Blue Virginia

Blue Virginia: Check out the video below of this past Friday’s Alexandria City Council candidates’ forum, sponsored by Tenants and Worker United – Inquilinos y Trabajadores Unidos and the NAACP. The Democratic candidates, from right to left, are Canek Aguirre, Willie Bailey (who I’ve endorsed), Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (who I’ve endorsed), John T. Chapman, Matthew Feely, Dak Hardwick, J. Chris Hubbard (his wife represents him at this forum), Amy Jackson, Redella “Del” Pepper, Robert Ray, Mo Seifeldein; Paul Smedberg(also note that there were several Republican candidates, plus Mayor Alison Silberberg and Vice Mayor Justin Wilson). Unfortunately, given that there were so many candidates, each one got very little time, but at least from this forum you can get an impression of what the candidates are all about, their personalities, etc. Overall, I’d say that there are many excellent candidates, of which I’ve endorsed two so far (and might endorse more – haven’t decided yet). Who do you support and why? The primary is on June 12, so no matter what, make sure you vote!