• Priorities for Alexandria

    Make Alexandria a great place to live, work, and play

    As a small business creator, Elizabeth is passionate about supporting small businesses and expanding employment opportunities for Alexandrians. Elizabeth is an advocate for fair planning that allows for big city vibrancy and preserves Alexandria's small town charm. She will fight for environmental sustainability which is crucial for our families' health, as well as for the bottom line of our businesses.

    Fight for stronger public schools

    As a product of public schools and a small business leader, Elizabeth knows the value of schools in our community. She will work with ACPS to increase school capacity, modernize facilities, and empower teachers with the resources they need to make sure all students receive the education they need to succeed.

    Ensure Alexandria is inclusive for all

    Elizabeth will fight to ensure that our seniors, first responders, teachers, and all Alexandrians are able to access affordable housing. As a nonprofit leader who works with women who are homeless, recent immigrants, and formerly incarcerated, she knows the struggles of the most vulnerable members of our community. She will work to ensure all Alexandrians can succeed and build a great life for their families.

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